Where did I go?


It’s been a long time since I added a new post to my blog. It started with SXSW which I worked so much I literally became sick of/from work. While being sick little league baseball season started and this is where I earn my money so I had to work while trying to recover. As soon as the season ended I took my mom on an Amtrak rail pass across the country for her retirement. With one thing leading into the other and didn’t have the time or the health to post everything as it was happening.

In the next few days I will be posting photos and stories about our 15 day train trip. We started in San Antonio and travelled to New Orleans where we stayed two nights. Then we travelled to Washington D.C. for another two nights. From there we travelled to New York for another two nights. Then to Providence, Boston, Buffalo, and Chicago each for a night. Then I headed back home to San Antonio and my mom back to Seattle.

After 25 years of riding motorcycle and moving myself and my daughter to San Antonio I have seen everything west of the Rockies with the exception of Alaska. Yes, I have been to Hawaii several times on vacation. I have also been to Orlando and Daytona Beach on the east coast, but that is the only place I have been east of the Rockies. This trip was going to allow me see what I haven’t seen before.

After I finished I started in on editing my over 6000 photos, which I am still in the process of, and one was the train map of the U.S.. Looking at the map it doesn’t look like I really saw that much of the country, but it sure feels like I have been everywhere.

If Amtrak is reading this and wants to send me on the rest of their trains, I am all for it. Keep reading my posts over the next few weeks and I will tell you all of the in and outs of train travel in the U.S. and share photos of the journey.

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