SXSW Pandora Discovery Den – Yacht

Before my very first official music assignment of SXSW I thought I would head into the Pandora Discovery Den and dial in my cameras. As I make my way up to the stage, the band Yacht starts setting up. I notice a photographer crew chief at the stage pit. I make my way up to him and ask if its his gig. He tells me no, but the band is friends of his. They are out of L.A. and kick ass. Its a mix of electronica, rock, and hip hop. Well that’s the best he could describe, because they don’t fit nicely into any one genre.

The music is fantastic, and they truly perform for the crowd. They were by far one of the most entertaining bands of the night. To top it off the singer is very easy on the eyes, and has attitude. And, I like attitude. She is a little crude, a little kinky, and a whole lot of fun. At least that is what I imagine by the performance. She has the it factor, and it isn’t hard to imagine her becoming internationally known.

Take the time to check out their music, and definitely go to a live show when they are in your area.

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