Taipei Rap Artist – Aristophanes playing SXSW

This is the only video I can find, but if you go to Aristophanes Bandcamp page there is a large sample of the music.
This is the kind of rap that you want to blast from your car, as long as you have 15″ subs and a shit load of power. Otherwise your just lame, because nobody on the streets in the U.S. are going to understand the lyrics. Its truly all about that bass. The music has a great beat and is enjoyable without knowing the lyrics.
Fader has this band as one of the top 25 worldwide bands to follow and get to know. Because I can’t understand Chinese this is what SXSW has officially posted about Aristophanes:
Aristophanes is a Taipei based artist, whose striking verbal wordplay, poetry, and forward thinking delivery has seen her rise to be at the very forefront of the new sounds emerging of the new Taiwan. Fusing elements of HipHop, Slam Poetry, Jazz, Soul and Electronica,her music has been featured by international press including The Fader,Rolling Stone, Vice and has received radio play on BBC Radio 1, KCRW, and Triple J. Her collaboration track with Grimes “SCREAM” featured on many critics choice LP album of the year for 2015, Art Angels, released on seminal UK indie label 4AD.
Aristophanes is currently working on her debut LP, inspired by the timeless Stanley Kubrick directed Sci-fi, 2001 : A Space Odyssey
If I am not assigned this is a show I am going to seek out. The show at Palm Door on Sixth on Thursday, March 17 11pm

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