Alice On The Roof – at SXSW Tuesday March 15

Alice on the roof is a 20-year-old Belgian artist. She shot to fame in her own country with ‘Easy Come, Easy Go’

Her music is a combination of electronica dance and pop. There is a heavy bass line that contrast with airy keyboards that are typical in dance clubs. Vocally she is melodic and poetic and very easy to listen to. Not only is she easy to listen to, she is also very easy on the eyes.

Unfortunately for me, her official SXSW date is the one day where I will not be at SXSW. I hopefully will get the opportunity to see and photograph her at an un-official SXSW event on any other day. Alice if your reading this send me message if you are playing anywhere else at SXSW. Otherwise everyone else can check her out at Trinity Hall at Old School on Tuesday, March 15 10pm

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