Alex Vargas – UK Artist – Performing at SXSW 2016

Alex Vargas was born in Denmark, but has called the UK home since the age of 17.
I have seen many different classifications of his music from folk to dance/electronica. I have watched many of his videos on YouTube and it all comes across as modern Blues to me. The song are about love and heartache. He plays a beautiful electric guitar that is rich in tone and very clean. The songs start slowly and build-up. His voice also gets more powerful as the songs gets toward its climax. His music is the basic blueprint of the blues.
I enjoy his music and his vocals during his stronger areas. He does sing quite a bit with a falsetto, and I am not a huge fan of his voice during those moments. It’s going to be a personal taste for each individual. One of those love or hate things, because it is so dynamic it is not going to hit middle ground. It is worth listening to him for yourself to see if you like it or not.
Alex Vargas will be playing at – Sorry Alex Vargas was removed from SXSW

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