Ade’e – SXSW 2016

Ade’e is a female musician from Kalmar, Sweden who will be at SXSW this year.
Her genre is listed as hip hop/rap, but that doesn’t really describe her music accurately. Her music covers much more than that.
As I researched her videos I thought I knew the sound and then the next video took me a whole new direction. The first video and newest release Circus reminds my of a poetry reading in a club during the late 70’s put to music. The next video I watched was Don’t Leave; a classic blues song where she plays the piano and the strings add dark drama to the song. Then the video Woman ( the same song performed live in the video above ) is a nice blend of pop/rap/hip hop. I listened to a few more songs and they had more of a top 40 pop sound than rap/hip hop. It is music that I can dance to with a meaning behind the words.
If you are at SXSW this year, make sure and check out her show at Iron Bear on Wednesday, March 16.

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